A checklist to help you use the employer brand

Helping you to bring the employer brand to life

To help with your understanding and use of the new employer brand system we have developed a set of questions. By asking yourself these simple questions you can assess whether you are genuinely applying the employer brand in the right way to whatever you’re doing.

•  Have we really listened to the people that this is meant to benefit? Are we doing this TO them, or FOR them and WITH them?

• Have we really thought hard enough about the needs and motivations of our people in planning this particular communication or initiative?

• Have we removed any unnecessary complexity or detail that detract from this communication, initiative or experience? Would a Grandparent or young child understand this?

• Would we talk to our friends in the same way? Is the language we’re using natural, authentic and human, or does it sound like corporate jargon?

• Is this refreshingly different in any way? Will it surprise and lift the spirits of our people (even in some small way with a detail that creates a ‘smile in the mind’)?

• Have we been honest and admitted to any challenges and / or failures? Are we building trust and showing the vulnerability that is essential in building meaningful relationships with employees?

• Is the technology we’re using actually helping or is it just technology for technology’s sake, or for HSBC’s sake?

• Would I want my friend or someone I care deeply about to work here?