Proof and talking points

Providing the evidence that people want and expect

Our research shows that audiences can be cynical. They don’t always believe what big organisations like HSBC say to them. The audience doesn’t necessarily believe that we put our promises into action. Audiences tell us that they want employers to be as credible and authentic as possible, which means providing tangible proof to support our messages.

The table below provides a set of general proof and talking points. They are not exhaustive but they do provide a starting point. Your communications will be most effective when they include other local statistics, stories, third party recognition, testimonies and more.

Genuinely connected

  • We are a global community of 235,000 HSBC people speaking 147 languages in 60 countries
  • Our ERGs– 8 major active global employee communities are thriving. For example 48,000 of us participate in ‘Balance’ - our global employee network to improve gender balance (Source: ESG Report)
  • Our mental health commitment, including our global partnership and investing in training 3for 0,000 of our managers in mental health awareness
  • Inclusive leadership training
  • In 2018 we talked to 30,000 HSBC colleagues in ‘exchange’ meetings to get their feedback on life at HSBC (Source: ESG Report)
  • Volunteering and community project opportunities. We spent 264,000 working employee hours volunteering for community activities in 2018 (Source: ESG Report)
  • A large and active alumni programme
  • Sports teams and other teams, clubs and societies
  • 49% of our people working flexibly globally (Source: Staff survey)
  • The global graduate induction experience in London
  • Maternity coaching scheme

Open to learning and possibilities

  • The world-class HSBC University – online and physical sites around the world. Visited 52,000 time monthly by HSBC people
  • We’ve been independently benchmarked (Deloitte) as a top quartile global organisation for learning and development
  • In 2018 we did 6.2 million training hours in work time (Source: ESG Report)
  • We offer wide range of accelerated leadership and management programmes
  • We offer a diverse range of structured work experience, intern, apprentice, graduate and post-graduate development programmes
  • Our Total Reward Scheme, Choice benefits and Share scheme
  • Transparent promotion cycles and internal mobility / progression opportunities
  • Senior Manager Career Journey and Beyond sessions
  • In 2018 600 of our leaders completed the Leaders as Teachers programme. (ESG Report)
  • Client secondment opportunities
  • Mentoring programmes including Mentor Match
  • Career returners programme

Shaping a better future

  • Our scale: we protect and grow $2,558 billion of our customers’ assets. serving 38 million customers – impacting businesses, governments. Consumers and economies across the world
  • 48% of our revenue is in Asia, putting us in a strong position in some of the wrold’s most dynamic economies
  • We were voted Asia’s Best Bank for Sustainable Finance
  • We’ve provided $28.5bn of sustainable financing and investments since 2017 (Source: ESG Report)
  • As a responsible business we paid $7.0bn taxes in 2018 (Source: ESG Report)
  • In 2018, we contributed $105 million to charities and non-profit organisations running community projects (Source: ESG Report)
  • We were voted the most innovative investment bank in The Banker Investment Banking Awards 2018
  • Apple’s Touch ID is now live in 18 markets for our customers (Source: ESG Report)
  • HSBC Voice ID is in five markets(Source: ESG Report)
  • Last year 80% of our customer transactions were via mobile or online channels.
    (Source: ESG Report)