What is our people narrative?

Much more than words

The people narrative at the heart of our employer brand system is the succinct summary of what we promise and offer to our employees – past, present and future – and what we expect of them. It isn’t just a tagline or a collection of words. Our people narrative is:

•       Our unique story about who we are as an employer and the promise and deal we make with employees.

•       An over-arching guide that informs our actions and words collectively as an employer and individually as colleagues, leaders and managers.

•       A living, breathing, dynamic system and visual identity that helps us to build and protect our employer reputation and relationships.

•       A global framework and system that provides local flexibility.

•       Largely experiential in the sense that it is something people should feel and experience through all our interactions with past, present and future employees.

We all have a critical part to play in making our employer brand real in the hearts and minds of the people we interact with inside and outside HSBC.

The HSBC people narrative

This is the summary of what we offer to our employees (past, present and future) and what we expect of them. It guides our communications, actions and any activities or programmes that effect them.

We don’t expect you to use these words verbatim but you must remain true to the spirit of the words below, even when adapting them to your specific needs.

If you need any support in understanding how and when to use and adapt these words please visit our contacts page to speak to the employer brand team.


Core Statement

We are people with purpose – inspired by our legacy, passion and one another. We are brave, open and inclusive - leading confidently, learning daily and looking after each other. We are ambitious and resilient and we embrace the unexpected.

With our size and scale, we are committed to making the world a better place, in both what we do and how we do it. Building the bank for the future is key to our growth, and it creates exciting opportunities for our customers, our communities and ourselves to flourish.

Our commitment to our people is simple: to provide the environment and opportunities they need to fulfil their hopes and ambitions. We want HSBC to be a place where people are:

Genuinely Connected

Genuinely yourself
We want everyone at HSBC to feel that they can be true to themselves, be heard, bring their unique perspective, and make a valued contribution to the team. Authenticity and diversity of thought make us stronger and better at connecting with our colleagues, customers and communities.

Connected to a real community
We offer opportunities for everyone to make the most of our vibrant community - both globally and locally – creating genuine connections amongst people who are open and accountable to each other, who look after and inspire each other.

Open to change and possibilities

Open to possibilities
Our people are ambitious, learning daily, open to new ways of working, and making the most of the vast possibilities across our business to grow as people and professionals.

A culture of growth
We’re in the business of growth, so we’re focused on creating an environment where everyone is supported and empowered to be their best. Leaders, managers and colleagues help and inspire each other to learn, grow and flourish.

Embracing change
We are resilient, embracing the unexpected and seizing
new opportunities to grow.

Shaping a better future

Pushing boundaries
We are passionate, brave people with purpose, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions to make things work better.

Building the bank of the future
We’re making bold progress; committed to building the bank of the future; and working together to improve lives, industries and markets. We have the unique combination of size, scale, strength and breadth to enable us to make a big impact on the future.

Better for customers
Above all HSBC people serve millions of customers, helping them to flourish. We make a big impact on the lives of millions by finding new, exciting ways to make financial services work better for them and everyone.